Friday, January 23, 2009

Beauty and Repulsion

a) Good art is something that you can tell alot of time, thought or work was put into it. Someone who is truly passionate about something will most likely produce a good piece of art. I think something that grabs your attention, or something that has a great concept is good art. Bad art is something that has been unloved. No thought or feeling went into it and it has no concept. It was made just to be made.

b) Honorific art to me is something that catches your eye. It is art that is pleasing to someone, and each person has a different opinion on this so one piece of art could mean something different to another. We see art as honorific because we feel that it is great and should be honored by calling it a piece of art.

c) Classifactory art is something that society says is art. It is decided by a set of rules and is not a personal opinion. It is classified as art because a group of people decided that because of certain aspects it contains, it is art.

d) I feel most uncomfortable in trying to define good art, or art at all. Everyone has their own opinion and something that looks like great art to me could mean nothing to another person.

e) The artist that I feel relates to my drawing on this project is Timothy Ojile. In his work he has experimented with using multiple areas that are seperate, but connected as a whole. His pieces are abstract and are visually interesting.