Sunday, March 8, 2009

Expressionism and Cognitivism

a. Expressionism is art that deals with emotions. Expressionists use art as a way of 'expressing' their emotion. Abstract and non-objective art is popular with this because they show feeling and emotion and in return the viewer also gains feelings or emotions from the art. Cognitivism asserts that art provides knowledge of the world in unique and positive ways. It is a special way of knowing the world. Art can teach us in many different ways. So the difference is that cognitivism gives us knowledge about something in the world, while expressionism gives us emotion, feeling, sensation, frustration, relief, and many other things.

b. Art is an activity done by humans where someone expresses emotion through physical activity in order to show others what they have been through.

c. Art is mental, so the viewer is to re-create the work of art in their mind through their imagination. It is only then that the work is truly finished.

d. In Louise Bourgeois and Kiki Smiths art, metaphors are a way for them to express things. For these women, metaphors gave them a way to show how they felt and things they had gone through in their lives.

e. The artist I chose that relates best to my drawing is Inger Johanne Grytting. I feel the look of the artwork is similar, as well as the concept behind it. When comparing them, mine deals with the words desire, addiction and obsession. The idea of being obsessed with a mark, or having a desire to make it. With Inger's drawings, they deal with obsession as well, but also emotions and psychological states.